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Madurai – Meenakshi Temple Photo Tour

6 Jul

DSC 2758

View of Temple complex from nearby hill hotel Taj Gateway Madurai



DSC 2735

Early morning view of Meenkashi temple complex


DSC 2671

Evening view of South Temple Gopura


DSC 2662


B&W Stone idol of ganesh


DSC 2650

Room with 998 stone pillars, amazing structure


DSC 2644

15 year old female elephant at the temple


DSC 2630

Light of devotion – women praying




DSC 2621

Praying with lights to Nandi


DSC 2620  Version 2

Lovely Ganesh idol adorned with gold


DSC 2618

Fantastic stone carved corridors



DSC 2614

View of the central pond complex


DSC 2613

East gopuras


DSC 2607

View from the street