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The Kathi Rolls of Kolkata

27 Feb

Whenever I travel to different parts of India, I like to try out the local foods. Once such Indian “Fast food” which originated in Kolkata and is now available in most parts of India is the Kathi Roll or the Kathi Kabab Roll as it is called in different parts of the country.

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Attached is a wikipedia link, for historical details, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kati_roll

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I visited Nizam’s the source where this form of the roll originated. Nizam’s is located behind the Oberoi Grand in Kolkata. To get to it one needs to walk through extremely crowded streets till one gets to an old building which probably looks the same since it was started 70 years ago.


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The menu was limited, just rolls, biryanis and some gravies with rotis and parathas. Different types of rolls were available, in combination, of egg, vegetable, chicken and mutton, with options of single or double portions.

The ratio of waiters, dressed in islamic green costumes,  to customers was almost 1:1, so service was fast. A large suspicious looking board read, “No Beef”.

I chose the grandest of the rolls, a Double Paratha, double egg, double mutton roll (No wimpy chicken rolls for me). Even this hefty combination cost Rs. 62/- a small sum considering similar meals in other towns wold set you back Rs. 200/-. I asked for what was available to drink and got an answer, coke, limca or sweet lassi. I went with the conservative limca.

The roll arrived in ten minutes wrapped in paper, with the waiter telling me, that he had included a lemon and that I need to squeeze it on the roll.

IMG 0120

I grabbed the roll with both my hands and gave it a big bite. I was delicious, lovely crisp paratha, the double egg had been spread on both sides of the paratha and was perfectly cooked, lots of raw thin spirals of onion and well cooked and wonderfully flavoured pieces of mutton, they also appear to have added a tart sauce on some kind on the mutton. All in all a wonderful experience, one of the best rolls I have eaten anywhere in India. The quantity was plenty and I was glad I hadn’t ordered two. Great value for money and worth the walk into this crowded location.

A must for any foodie when one visits Kolkata.


Ashwath Ram

February 26th 2011





Investing in the Indian stock market in 2011

8 Feb

The stock market has again crashed, not because people don’t see a future in India, not because of an fundamental indicators weakening but because if liquidity and partial recovery in global markets. From a peak of 22,000 the market has crashed to below 18,000 which represents a close to 20% market correction.

The Indian economy continues to be strong, with close to 9% growth in 2010 and at least 7 to 8% forecasted in 2011.

India continues to be under invested in infrastructure, power generation, housing, automotive industry and per capita consumption. With a growing middle class and the second largest population in the world, India continues to enjoy high growth rates and strong demand in most market segments.

Based on these facts, I would invest in a diverse portfolio which consists of:

Auto / auto components:

Bharat Forge; Mahindra and Mahindra



Engineering/Capital Goods:

Cummins; Larsen and Toubro, Elgi Equipments


ITC; Hindustan Unilever, Procter and Gamble; Indian Hotels.


Infosys, TCS, KPIT Cummins, Persistant Systems


Cipla Pfizer, Wockhardt, Dr. Reddy’s

I strongly believe investing in this type of portfolio in the current market condition could produce returns of over 20% in a 12 to 18 month horizon.


Disclaimer: All opinions, advice are my own and are not endorsed by any investing body, my employers, etc. I may at any time hold positions in these stocks, which I would divest or reinvest in at the right opportunity. If you are not experienced at investing please consult a professional investment advisor. Past success in investing is no guarantee of future results, so please follow after considering these risks.