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Subjective comparison of Nokia Lumia 800 with Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple iPhone 4S and their eco systems

25 Dec

Disclaimer: I am known to be an Apple fanboy. I consider myself a fair evaluator but over the years I have come to appreciate Apple products.

My review after using the three products. I have used the Apple products since release, the Samsung product since 2009 and the Nokia Lumia since December 2011.


iPhone 4S and itunes:

Pro’s: Most mature smartphone in the market, the 4S is just a minor evolution on the 4, better A5 processor, more RAM, bugs and antenna improved, very solid, very fast, everything works, iOS 5 is stable, notifications are a great improvement. Best phone in the market. iTunes integration is superb, especially on the Mac, has the best sync eco system among all phones. Largest collection of apps. Screen still among the best 18 months after introduction. Battery life is decent. The camera is best in class and is the benchmark for other phones. Bottomline: Everything works as advertised.

Con’s: Design is now 20 months old, screen size is smaller than the others, still expensive to buy unlocked. Single design not many options and configurations. Siri is decent but needs another year of work to be really useful. Glass back is fragile. Doesn’t support 4G as of now.

Apple iphone 4s


Samsung Galaxy S2 and Kies:

Pro’s: Best Android phone in the market, the S2 is a major evolution over the Galaxy S, better multitasking processor, more RAM, the Super AMOLED+ screen is 4.3″ and is gorgeous. The phone feels good to hold in the hand is very fast and works well on gingerbread. Everything works reasonably, Gingerbread is stable, and Gmail integration is very good. Samsung’s own skin on Android is not too intrusive. The camera is decent.  Android has been improving and now a good selection of applications is now available almost comparable to the IPhone which is good. Phone features work well.  Bottomline: Best android phone, comes close to the iPhone but lacks some of the finesse to make it the leader. Pricing is better than Apples. Supports LTE is some markets, but will poor battery life resulting.

Con’s: The design feels plasticky and a bit cheap for a top of the line phone. Kies software is quite crappy and Android integration with computers and the cloud is just not a good as Apples or even as goods as Microsoft’s. The fragmentation of Android shows through, the latest software doesn’t become available quick enough. The phone freezes up sometimes for no reason and then starts working wonderfully for no apparent reason. In India sometimes signal switching between towers is slow or requires manual connections to get it to connect. Music is a big weakness of the Google markets. Accessories are not easily available or of great quality.

Galaxy S2 offical PICS 4



Nokia Lumia 800 and Zune:

Pro’s: Most exciting and new user interface to hit the mobile market, the Mango version of Windows Phone is stable, fast and reliable on the 800.  The hardware is gorgeous, the body is the best design I have seen come out of Nokia in a while, the solid polycarbonate body feels very good to hold, the screen is very nice as is the camera (though its still not as good as the iPhones camera).  The Zune software is decent and integrates better than that found on Android though not as nice as ITunes. Nokia’s built in maps and voice navigation software is superb as is the media integration.. Bottomline: Nokia has made a strong comeback, best windows phone in the market. If you don’t want an iPhone this is the next best choice. Very good pricing.

Con’s: No front facing camera, Mango doesn’t support multi processors, not enough the popular applications, Mango doesn’t feel as mature as Android or iOS. Organization in the marketplace or the selections don’t appear as wide as that of Apple but far better than Android. Does not support 4G as of now.

Nokia lumia 800 picture