Working with Windows 7 Beta

28 Jan

Have now been working with the beta release of the 7 product for over a week and so far the feedback is that its pretty stable.


It seems to work on my older Toshiba laptop with 1.5 gig’s of RAM pretty well. Some web site seem to cause it to freeze up and I found media player to be quite sad.

The installation process was seamless and smooth, I did an upgrade of my system from Vista so that took more than an hour to do.

Some bugs I have found so far are to do with drivers for my Toshiba built in wireless card and also the system when opening multiple IE tabs seems to load the processor to 100% and sometimes freezes up.

Further some applications such as Outlook 2007 also seem to freeze up if left on for a long time. I think the system leaks memory as the performance seems to deteriorate after the system is on for a few hours.

In summary, I am quite happy with the product at this stage of evolution and will be successful once Microsoft fixes some of the issues listed.

Also if you are reading Microsoft, one version is all we need.


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